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super model previewsuper model set

The Super Model Set is simple enough, it gives you extra points in Fashion Shows. So it would work like rare bonuses and pet bonuses. More points.

 I like it, but I think it would be unfair to the other people in the same fashion show.

I’m not sure if you get a bonus by wearing all five items, but I do know that the seperate items work for all themes.
For example, if the theme was “Blue”, you can wear Supermodel Hair and still get points.

invisibility previewinvisibility

The Magical Invisibilitymakes you more and more transparent with every invisibility item you put on, until you are only a green glowing outline of your Fantagian.

Cool but not useful. It would be better if there was no green glow and you were completely invisible.

outer limits previewouter limits

The Outer Limits Set 

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