Severe case of Lotusrainxoxo

so true… i get it too

Fantage Spy

Today I have noticed a very severe case of Lotusrainxoxo.

It appears that almost every Fantagian has contracted this disease. Our scientists are still researching the origins of this bacteria.

There are currently no known cure to it.

To be safe, please stay at home and avoid contact with others.

It seems as if “Lotusrainxoxo” is literally in the

Figure 1.0: Patients that are being cured for Lotusrainxoxo

Our hospitals have already reached the capacity, and no new patients are accepted.

The following are the possible symptoms:

-Extreme lag

-Coughing, sneezing, headaches

Well, that is it for now. Our research team will keep you updated.

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My inventory

My inventory.( last updated; 6/10/15)

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haiz… why do i have so much stuff??? took so many screenshots! [-_-]